Welcome to Bogense Plast
We have more than 35 years’ experience in injection moulding.

We specialise in development, design, production, assembly and delivery of injection moulded plastic components.

Plastic is a unique material with many different qualities that offers an array of opportunities. Our mission is to utilise the properties of plastic to help further our clients’ development and competitive edge through better, more economical and more environmentally friendly products.

To make this vision reality, we rely on a group of expert staff who specialise in plastics, product development, design, precision injection moulding, assembly and delivery.
At Bogense Plast, we understand quality to mean the "sum of the properties of the product, delivery and documentation that help meet customer needs at any one time”.

How can we make a difference for you?Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bogense Plast as
Fynsvej 14
DK-5400 Bogense
SE nr. 87341119

Telefon: +45 6481 1488
Telefax: +45 6481 2318
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